flooring2Tile flooring for your business or home has always been an excellent, and low-maintenance choice. Different types of tile are recommended, depending on what the space is to be used for and the specific design you desire for the space.

Natural Stone

Natural stone tiles create an elegant atmosphere and include granite, marble and slate, in a variety of color choices.  Because stone is very heavy, our professional installation team will make sure that the sub-floor is strong enough to support the weight.


Vinyl tiles are always an affordable choice. The quality of vinyl has improved significantly over the last several years. A large selection of colors and patterns are available. Vinyl is a great option for flooring, which does not require sub-flooring.


Porcelain tiles are generally less expensive than natural stone and still very durable. Porcelain is vey strong and a great choice to create a space that is not only elegant but also low-maintenance.


Quarry tiles. generally manufactured with shale and clay, can be glazed or unglazed. Several shades of red, as well as brown and gray shades are available. These tiles are lighter than natural stone and not quite as easy to maintain


Terrazzo tile, made of granite and marble chips, and then mixed with an epoxy or cement, can also provide a unique flooring option. They are lighter than stone and available in a wide selection of colors, which can create an interesting design pattern for your floor.